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    Supporting people into real work or business.

Social Enterprise

Dedicated to supporting people into real work or business.
Its beneficiaries are the long term unemployed (the participants) who,
for whatever reason may find it difficult
to find or maintain employment or establish their own business.

Our aims

To provide a supportive and nurturing environment in which our participants
may take the first steps toward gainful employment.
We aim, through continuing mentoring, to enable people to obtain skills
and to provide the support that will help them to maintain enjoyment
in whatever field is chosen for the future.
The Real Experience will create opportunities for the
unemployed to work in or with a real business.

This is the first project to be created by The Real Experience
and will provide an environment in which the unemployed
will be trained - “a real working environment” -alongside one to one mentoring.
It has a real coffee shop, a real office and real training
environment where participants will be dealing with real life situations.

All participants will be involved in an initial assessment,
the outcome being an individual training plan highlighting
the areas of training they require.
The evaluation process will evidence the change in the participant’s
employability skills and how this was achieved by attending
the pre-employment courses/workshops.

Our services

We serve the people of Slough and surrounding areas, seeking the help and cooperation of the local community.

The Real Experience project is based at The Culture Cafe, Brunel Way, Slough. SL1 1XW

The participants will be offered:


We provide a six-week course in a variety of transferable skills. The first two weeks offer tuition in a range of subjects, e.g. hospitality level 1, food safety level 2 and a level 2 in Barista skills.

Work Experience

For the next four weeks our participants engage with the community by working directly with the public in our take-away cafe; gaining confidence in customer service, stock control and dealing with cash sales.

One to one mentoring

Our approach is all about the individual, offering continuous one-to one tutoring and mentoring. Pre- and post-employment, job search and application support.

Communication Skills

C.V. writing and interviewing skills

Supportive Environment

Nurturing skills and confidence,
in the unemployed 16+

1 to 1 Mentoring

Pre- and post-employment

Skills Assessment

Highlighting individual potential.
Training will be structured to take
into account the individual’s needs

Work Skills

Literacy, Numeracy

Job Applications

Help with applying for jobs
and preparing CVs

Interview Skills

Managing interviews

Finding Employment

Effective ways of looking for work

Ongoing Support

Mentoring for as long as needed

what makes us unique?a one to one pre and post employment mentoring service

Meet the team

Fiona MacTaggart MP


Alex Mackenzie

CEO / Trustee

Jackie Rippington

Centre Manager / Trustee

Stuart Hales


Karen Appleton


Ben Pass


Our partners

We are partnering with the following individuals and organisations that are helping with this project;

Why to choose us

SBCP is a unique organisation that facilitates the creation of partnerships between the private, public and voluntary sectors for the benefit of the communities of Slough

The Slough Business Community Partnership was formed in 2001 by a small group of business people who came together to support the residents of Slough. SBCP aims to facilitate the effective collaboration between its members, local businesses and the public and voluntary sectors, to make a positive and lasting difference to the lives of the people, living, working and learning in Slough.

SBCP will organise with us the development of the coffee shop.

Supporting us by allowing us to use their premises as an office.

On indentifying volunteers / mentors and training needs.